Gardens are a Form of Autobiography

Carolina’s Garden is Bali-based company specialized in providing all-in-one Landscape, Nursery, and Garden needs.


“Tri Hita Karana. Harmony among People, Harmony with Nature, and Harmony with God.”

Carolina’s Garden adopts Hindu spiritualism and belief that always emphasizes its work concept to the philosophy in order to deliver good services to its clients. We do believe that nature plays an important role in human life that brings hope of a healthy and sustainable life. In our perspective, a good nature is not only a visible look that eyes can enjoy but it is more into an imaginary energy that leads to happier and healthier life.

“..and we call it as TAKSU.”

A good business is not simply a business that produces money. It is about good life instead. There must be happier and healthier life in return too. And Taksu is another simple philosophy that consistently guides us not to stop delivering benefits to our clients physically and spiritually. We aim not only to provide beautiful garden view to them, but we want them to feel the good impacts too. Again, it is for a good life!

“The devils are in the details.”

When it comes to practice, we concern a lot about every single detail of the garden and that is why wealways keep in our mind that disappointment does not have any place to happen. Unhealthy leaves, broken stems, rotten roots, are not subjects to be tolerated at all. And we guarantee, this is our long-term promise and commitment to the business.

By prioritizing the business to our three business philosophies above, we are committed to provide complete and sustainable solutions in Landscape, Nursery, and Garden needs that includes: Design, Contractor and Development, Maintenance.

And in order to support our all-in-one services, we are well equipped with 30 personnel including Designers as well as Gardeners with highly-motivated passions, numerous experiences and backgrounds related to Landscape, Nursery, and Garden industry.

We have two branches located in a very strategic area which lead to easy access to some business locations like Kuta,Sanur, Ubud, and Denpasar. Our main garden in Darmasaba –Badung has its own spring that produces good and healthy water. A combination between tropical weather and good water source provides a conducive circumstance for the plants to grow lush.